News & Updates

Here are the latest news and updates from the MecE IT Group.

08/31/2016—Domain Migration Information

We are currently in the process of retiring our MecE network and migrating all computers and servers to the Engineering network. Part of this process involves individually migrating machines from the MecE domain to the Engineering domain. If you are using a MecE workstation which has not yet been migrated, we will be meeting with you within the next few weeks to complete this transition.

08/31/2016—Network Upgrade Finished

We have recently upgraded the network hardware in the MecE building. Users should not experience any adverse effects due to this upgrade, but please let us know if you have any issues. This upgrade will greatly improve network and Internet speeds within the MecE building.

03/08/2016—Windows XP computers have lost network access

As of February 19th, 2016, Internet access has been revoked for desktop computers running Windows XP on-campus. This change was implemented by IST to mitigate security risks, as Windows XP is no longer officially supported and will not be receiving any future security updates. For more information, see this article.

03/08/2016—Some computers can no longer be accessed remotely after moving to ICE

If you recently moved into the ICE building and have noticed that you can no longer remotely access your computer, you have likely been assigned a NAT IP Address which prevents you from accessing the computer externally. For the time being, you will need to find another solution, such as using TeamViewer in place of the built-in remote desktop application.