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Sushanta Mitra

Sushanta Mitra profile image

Asst Vice-President (Research)

Office: 4-31G Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (780) 492-5017
fax     : (780) 492-2200


Ph.D. (University of Waterloo, Canada)
M.A.Sc. (University of Victoria, Canada)
B.M.E. (Jadavpur University, India)

Position Summary/ Research Interest:

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics; BioMEMS; Flow through Porous Media; Fuel Cells; Atomization and Sprays


Selected Publications:
1. P. Waghmare, S. Das, and S. K. Mitra, "Drop deposition on under-liquid low energy surfaces", Soft Matter, Vol. 9, pp. 7437-7447, 2013 (Cover Article).

2. P. Waghmare, S. Das, and S. K. Mitra, "Under-water superoleophobic Glass: Unexplored role of the surfactant-rich solvent", Scientific Reports, Vol. 3, 1862, 2013.

3. R. Mishra, S. Das, and S. K. Mitra, "Electric double layer force between charged surfaces: Effect of solvent polarization", Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 138, 114703, 2013.

4. N. S. K. Gunda, B. Bera, N. Karadimitriou, S. K. Mitra and S. M. Majid Hassanizadeh, "Reservoir-on-a-Chip (ROC): A new paradigm in Reservoir Engineering", Lab Chip, Vol. 11, 3785 - 3792, 2011 (Featured Article, Research Highlight from Royal Society of Chemistry 2011).

5. P. Waghmare and S. K. Mitra, "Modeling of combined electroosmotic and capillary flow in microchannels", Analytica Chimica Acta,Vol. 663, pp. 117 - 126, 2010 (Cover Article).

6. A. S. Rawool, S. K. Mitra and S. G. Kandlikar, "Numerical simulation of flow through microchannels with designed roughness", Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Vol. 2, pp. 215-221, 2006.


Fellow of ASME
Fellow of CSME
Fellow of EIC